What is dating culture in the United States?

First stage, Knowing Each Other

You may be the school’s students, may also be met through a friend’s party, may also be met through work, but also may be through Online Dating, all the way there, you see where fate.

Second stage, Ask Her Out

After knowing if boys and girls interested in, it is likely that her mobile phone indirectly through a friend, and try to ask her out to play alone, with little chance of friends can also help organizing several activities. So in the course of contacts more, single contact two people up at least become friends. Specific things to do, such as coffee, ice skating, watching movies, eat watching the concert and so on. At this stage, if same-sex friends ask, you will say that “I’m seeing someone” is also habitually shrugged.

Third stage, Date

Suddenly one day, a movie scene appeared, a boy will face a very disturbed, tangled and asked the girl said, “Can I ask you out for a dinner?” And the girl will face a surprise response, “Is this a DATE?” On, don’t be fooled by the male language, he just wanted to it to ask a girl to go out. This is a Date.

When Stuck in Love Lou in the movie about Sam said, “I wanna take you out properly.” And then shot a turn, they sit down to a meal in a very fancy restaurant, boys girls dressed in Western dress and leather shoes basic, must be a person, a cup of wine, but also a good talk. This may be the most different part of the domestic love, all the girls will go through the basic experience of such a link, unless the girls encounter a lot of personality does not eat this set.

This kind of meal probably eat a few times, you will know that this boy is not your favorite type, if you don’t like, you can stop this relationship, you can directly refuse his invitation. If you still like him, continue to get along with him.

It should be noted that this stage is theoretically able to Date several people at the same time, as long as you are busy.

Fourth stage, Exclusively Dating/Boyfriend&Girlfriend

From the third stage to the fourth turning point often appears in the Date after Kiss, and returned to the U.S. drama and movie. But it is not necessarily a Kiss will be converted into male and female friends, but we will be Kiss as a thing. So you play often see a girl was kissed after come back later or exciting to confound bestie shouted, “OMG He KISSED me!!!!!” Then bestie will act as the role of Mother launched a review of “So what do you feel Are you comfortable? Are you serious about this relationship? Do you wanna go further? What about him?” Blablabla.

Maybe there will be a Talk between the two, maybe not, but once it’s done, you two are the official relationship. If you Date someone else you die. From the third phase to the fourth phase actually not very different language, you can say “I’m dating someone.” but the difference is probably time with friends, the third stage is not Title, would only say “This is XXX,” but the fourth stage will be a number of Title, “This is my boyfriend XXX.” basically means with this man was taken by me.

But what Love said, Americans are very important for the word. Although the old couple often said, but between lovers once said “I love you/I fall in love with you,” it is very emotional. Just this sentence, it can be regarded as one of the milestones of the two relationships.

Another milestone is to move to live together, that is, we often say that the Move in, which is also intended to get along with two people and even consider the wedding logo. Some parents require their daughter to be allowed to live together before marriage, and some are not allowed to live together before marriage.

Fifth stage, Getting Serious/Committed

From love to start thinking about marriage, the time spent by each couple is different. But once you start talking about marriage, even on the agenda, so the first thing to do is to inform the family. According to different religions, cultures, and even different families, the process will be different.

One of the most common things in the United States is the need to ask the girl’s father to Permission. If the boy wants to give a girl a surprise, you have to look for a chance to ask the woman’s father. So some of the girls would hear “Will you marry me?” first reaction to this problem is not to say that “Yes or No,” but asked “You asked my dad, right? Did he give you permission???” All the romantic directly broken, the man was frightened.

Finally, add the Sex part, which is entirely personal principles and religious beliefs. You can go to bed with a guy in a Drunken Party, also can wait until after Marriage to sexual life, such as Christianity and most devout Mormon. If you want to live where erosion is not a problem, we have the word. If you want to be loyal to your partner, you can stay on your wedding night.

Now, try dating!