Bisexual News

Always Remember – Love is Love.

In the world, everything is seen as black and white, this or that, the bisexual is misunderstood and distorted. We are grey areas, in neither gay nor straight groups. Unfortunately, this means that we are faced with a double-edged sword of discrimination that leads to many of these misconceptions and stereotypes.  (Read More)

Believe Bisexual: The Well-Known 10 Bisexual Celebrities

To declare your sexuality to your family or friends and to confess to them, at least at the beginning, for some people this may be a difficult decision. But you should not worry too much: bisexuality is as natural as day and night.  (Read More)

What is dating culture in the United States?

You may be the school’s students, may also be met through a friend’s party, may also be met through work, but also may be through Online Dating, all the way there, you see where fate.  (Read More)

God Loves LGBT People, And So Do Christians

God loves you. And so do Christians. It’s remarkable that this would even need to be said, but a quick internet search will reveal that most people who identify as LGBT don’t feel loved, especially not by Christians.  (Read More)

Congratulations, you can love more than 3 billion

There are always a lot of girls who are obsessed with their sexual orientation. Their general situation is, always thought that she was heterosexual, but one day for another girl to move the heart, or to see the sexy picture of female heartbeat acceleration.  (Read More)

6 Lies People Tell You When You Come Out as Bisexual

If you’re just beginning the process of learning about your bisexual identity, I wish my job was as simple and pleasurable as welcoming you to the club, letting you know we go bowling every day, and sending you on your merry bi way.  (Read More)

Bisexuality in the UK

The UK has a thriving bisexual scene, which does not resemble the gay scene very closely.  (Read More)

Famous Bisexuals, Including Dead Ones

You don’t have to say “I have nothing to declare except my bisexuality!” to be attracted to more than one gender.  (Read More)

Free Relationship Advice – Challenging the Traditional Model

Do not expect any of these free relationship advice articles here to be mainstream or conformist. They are for those who dare to think for themselves.  (Read More)

Girl Talk: Dating As A Bisexual Woman

One of the first times I went on a date with a girl, she asked me, “Are you bi or gay?” “Well, I’m still figuring that out,” I told her.  (Read More)

Remember Bisexuality Exists

Women’s Health magazine stands out for taking a fun approach to sex and is fairly inclusive of queer women when reporting on sexual health — but for many magazines covering women and sex, it’s a bit of an anomaly.  (Read More)

Seeking Bisexual Hookup: Bisexual Dating Sites or Adult Dating Sites?

Looking to find a new adventure or experience? In case you wish to try out bisexual hookup, you can find it both on bisexual dating sites or adult dating sites. But which one is the best for this? They both have downsides, of course, so you should take a look at what both dating sites offer you and make the best choice.(Read More)