5 Kinds of Best Partners for Bisexuals

Are you a bisexual and always looked for bisexuals only to be your partners? Well, you should know that you should limit only to finding people with the same sexual orientation as you. The best part about being a bisexual is the diversity you can enjoy. You just need to be open-minded and embrace this lifestyle and find people that have the same way of life, not necessarily to be a declared bisexual. Thus, bisexual couples can be formed out of people that are not precisely bisexuals, but have a similar conception when it comes to making their choices concerning their personal life. Here are 5 types of partners which can be perfect for bisexuals.


Well, it is obvious that this will be the first choice for the majority of bisexuals. They are the ones that will always understand the way you live and your vision since they share the same ideas with you. Still, that doesn’t mean you will match with any bisexual you will meet. Bisexuals are still humans, and they do have different personalities, so nothing changes here. Many bisexuals will try to find other bisexuals as partners, maybe also from the desire not to find someone that might refuse them or misunderstand them.


The bi-curious people can be great partners for the bisexuals. They may not be that engaged in the whole bisexual things, since they are still experimenting, trying to figure out their real personality. But there are excellent chances for things to go well if two persons resonate on the same wavelength. There are bisexual couples made out of a bisexual and a bi-curious since the latest was made to realize that this lifestyle fits like a glove.

3.Straight, who respects your sexual orientation

As mentioned before, bisexuals have an advantage of accepting both sexes. So it is easy to find a partner that is straight but has nothing against your sexual orientation. For instance, bisexual women can find a partner a straight man, which will respect their sexual orientation. In the case of women, men will often find as sexy to see two women together, so he may have nothing against knowing that his partner is a bisexual woman.

4.Homosexual, who respects your sexual orientation

This case can be very similar with the one of having a straight partner. If straight couples have partners of opposite sex, homosexual couples have partners of the same sex. The bisexuals have only to win out of this because they can have partners from both genders. Just make sure your partners is aware of your sexual orientation and accepts it, to avoid troubles in the couple in the future.

5.Persons who would like to join a threesome with you

If you are not looking for a long term relationship, as a bisexual, you can always have fun with the persons that are looking for find new experiences, like a threesome. You either know people that are open to experimenting such things, or you find a site, the point is that there are many people that are willing to try this, as least once in their lifetime. But who knows, an adventure may be the beginning of a beautiful relationship if that person starts enjoying the bisexual lifestyle and you find to have things in common.