Free Relationship Advice – Challenging the Traditional Model

Do not expect any of these free relationship advice articles here to be mainstream or conformist. They are for those who dare to think for themselves. For people who realized that it is in their best interest to take an honest, critical, and curious look at the society around and at the relationship side of it in particular.

This knowledge is for those men and women who dare to admit to themselves that the world of traditional marriages and relationships is far from even being called “satisfactory”.

Those people feel that there is something “not right” about it and that modern society is NOT offering any alternative to the massive unhappiness apart from creating more and more goods and entertainment to consume and thus to forget that unhappy state for a while.

This free relationship advice is based on the idea that the relationship model which most of us learned from our parents is not working for the vast majority of people.

Therefore, you have a choice:

  • either to follow the road that the crowd already went and then you chances to have a happy, long-lasting, fulfilling, sexually charged, and supportive relationship are close to zero (make your own judgment call by checking international divorce rate statistics in Google), or
  • to open your mind and become curious about other options and possibilities which lay outside of the traditional monogamy paradigm. This means going out of your comfort zone, learning new things, and trying them out.

Do whatever you feel is more honest towards yourself and your (prospective) partner.

It may be the case that after trying all other options you come back to your original relationship model and live happily ever after. And this is fine. However, unless you tried few other restaurants, you can’t say that steak is your favorite meal.

Use these free relationship advice articles to expand your view on what is possible. Listen to yourself – whatever you resonate with might be a new and exciting road for you and your loved ones.

Follow your heart. Put that voice in your head (ego) along with negative social programming aside for a while. If you are here, it means that the old model is not working exactly the way you want it to. Read these articles with an open mind.