Congratulations, you can love more than 3 billion

There are always a lot of girls who are obsessed with their sexual orientation. Their general situation is, always thought that she was heterosexual, but one day for another girl to move the heart, or to see the sexy picture of female heartbeat acceleration. They asked: “do you think I’m gay or straight? I also like boys, ah, then I think this bisexual?”

They are so anxious that they seem to have been abandoned by a certain identity label.

Our desire has been trained by the society for many years. On the “what are we to be” on this point, we would be shaped into small, gentle housekeeping lady, or rampage. How to talk to this point, there are so many rules: girls talk loudly will be saying “no gentle”, while boys voice a little bit will be shouted “no little man”.

So is our desire. Our desire for sex, was ordered to end the marriage, any desire beyond this category will be snapped to metamorphosis. When we finally grow up, contact more people, understand the feeling of the heart, but our hearts seem to be some disobedient.

“Well, when I was a girl, why would have feelings for her?”

“Oh, no, no, two girls are so strange. What do you think of me?”

In fact, the heart is far more than we brave, it was beating freely, it regardless of whether it is male or female. In the face of the reality of our desires, our ideas and the flesh has become so timid.

I’ve been this way before. I loved a girl, I have had a lot of inner struggle before choosing not to be with her. That’s me, I have no confidence in the quality of sexual behavior between the same sex, and I’m going to be nervous about what I’m going to face. Although, in fact, as early as six or seven years old on the female body has a dim desire. Before I met her, I never thought that I would date with women one day.

But dopamine or I had broken up these concerns, I choose to follow, together with her. At the beginning of the relationship, I sometimes think of her short hair as a little boy, and I feel like I’m more of a male character. But as the relationship, I gradually found that women themselves in the traditional sense of femininity can also have the desire.

Desire let me know myself. As has been the bottle cover up, suddenly one day, it flopped spewing out, and leave me. Give yourself the desire for some time and space, to release some to take hold of the desire, you will get more happy, and not the contrary.

Someone said, “people always think themselves more freedom than.” As a bisexual (or pansexuality), I don’t have to shout their desire to brake Although the intercourse with his girlfriend died, but heterosexual intercourse out of frame stereotypes, peer communication has brought me new experience and harvest, I get more freedom and desire, more communication.

The first time I went to the station to pick up my girlfriend, I felt a little embarrassed when I helped her with the suitcase. Because, in the past mode of communication, I was helped to drag the box. Most of the girls in this scene is not strange: when you move things, in those boys girls always seem to help move the embarrassed distress. That’s what I thought. But when I moved, suddenly found myself so accustomed to! Six floors in a breath not strenuous! I am very excited to get this feeling, like a sudden force, I can not only move the box, you can also move the wardrobe, moving bed……

With female contacts also let me understand more diverse ways. Before that, my clitoris has been sleeping, I have not experienced great pleasure to bring to chat all night, I have not experienced after sex……

Now I don’t have to because someone will put out the uterus and vagina own desire. I shouted to myself, “congratulations! You can love more people three billion!”

Actually, I don’t really like the idea of bisexual. Although this can be easier to understand my state, but if you are willing to spend some time, you know, my love is my love, I do not have what label to paste it, my love and desire are not because this is the person, or sexual experience and was forced to define. This may be the answer to the first question: “am I gay? Bisexual?” No, you are not, you are yourself.

The best argument is:

Love a person, regardless of who is.

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