Believe Bisexual: The Well-Known 10 Bisexual Celebrities

To declare your sexuality to your family or friends and to confess to them, at least at the beginning, for some people this may be a difficult decision. But you should not worry too much: bisexuality is as natural as day and night. There are 10 well-known celebrities, who claim to the world that they are bisexual. Remember that they can do what you can do.

1. Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong announced his sexuality, when many celebrities did not dare to do the same thing. In his interview with The Advocate in 1995, he shared the news that he was bisexual – something he was always in love with. In a frank exchange, Billie revealed that he had been bisexual, and in his view, people were born from bisexuality because the way social treatment of bisexuality led them to initially think that was not true.

2. Angelina Jolie

If there is a celebrity from Hollywood all over the world know, and female fans and male fans as much, then this person must be Angelina. Mr. Smith and many other large stars in the 2003 interview revealed that she was bisexual.

3. Michelle Rodriguez

The media has been speculating, but Michelle has never confirmed that she is bisexual. That is, until 2013. She finally revealed the truth about sexuality in the Entertainment Weekly interview, she announced that she has embarked on these two roads.

4. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore made an announcement of her sexuality more than once in an interview. She claims that she loves women and has sexual experience with several women, especially in her young days.

5. Amy Winehouse

This time not in an interview, it was heard from her friend Amy, where she liked girls sexually in 2010, but did not think she had sexual with other women than Blake was less.

6. Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming will be the last man in favor of monogamy. He also has a long relationship with men and women. He was married to a woman. At present, he and a man married. However, this actor, he believes that monogamy as impossible as living on Mars, believing that his marriage will not diminish let him attract other people.

7. Alec Guinness

The public never knew that he was bisexual in his career as an actor. Of course, his family and the closest friend know his sexuality. This information is only known to the public after the actor’s death in 2011.

8. Anna Paquin

Some people think that bisexuality is not a real thing, a hesitant product, but Anna does not think so. She is a bisexual, she thinks it is as real as heterosexuality or homosexuality.

9. Andy Dick

Andy Dick is considered gay. That is, until he eliminates the general view of his sexuality. In an interview with Washing Post, the actor claimed that the fact he had been with men doesn’t mean he is gay. The actor categorically said he was gay.

10.Carrie Brownstein

Most view of the Andy seems to be incorrect, and the label “lesbian” by the media to the Carrie proved to be completely wrong. In 2006, according to the record, Carrie thought it was very interesting, no one bothered to ask her her sexuality, people’s hypothesis about her being gay was wrong; she was actually a bisexual and was so happy.